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1. RPL demonstrates your knowledge

When you’re ready to change your career, the skills and knowledge gained from experience must be recognized. That is why RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) can be so valuable – they take into account all forms of learning with an emphasis on real-world application by converting unique experiences into nationally recognised qualifications, which will give applicants more verifiable evidence when applying for new roles or promotions against competition other than the lack thereof!

2. Keep your skills current with RPL

Obtaining a qualification through RPL has the same weight as obtaining a qualification through traditional study. Because of this, you’ll be able to explore further education to keep your skills up to date. A diploma-level qualification may shorten the required study for a bachelor’s degree. So, converting your experience into qualifications can save you time and money when exploring future upskilling opportunities.

3. Improve your online presence

It should go without saying that you should keep your resume updated regarding jobs. On the other hand, recruiters aren’t just looking at your resume. If they’re interested in you, particularly at a higher level, you can bet they’ll look you up online. So, when putting the best foot forward, ensure your online presence is still in good shape.

LinkedIn is perhaps the most critical site for concentrating on. Ensure your profile is up to date with your most current knowledge, experience, and, most importantly, credentials!

Certificate IV in business

4. Demonstrate your versatility

Recognition of Prior learning allows you to have skills and experience accredited that you might not have considered otherwise. If you’ve worked within office administration for several years and then transitioned to project management, your job history might indicate some of your skills. Still, a Certificate IV in Business (obtained through RPL) alongside your job experience will enhance your resume and provide evidence of your versatility in the workplace.

5. Start looking for work sooner

Examine the requirements for the positions you want to apply for. Do you possess the required skills and experience? Do you, above all, hold the necessary qualifications? If you already have relevant experience in the industry but no piece of paper, RPL is perfect for you! You can have your qualification in weeks, not years, depending on the evidence you provide. With such a quick turnaround, you can start applying for roles sooner.

Recognition of prior learning enables you to have your schooling, work experience, and life accomplishments recognised and counted against an official qualification. 3CIR are RPL specialists and have helped thousands of people become nationally certified through their existing skills and knowledge. Start your Free RPL assessment today!

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