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Portfolio Management with a Graduate Diploma

Portfolio Management with a Graduate Diploma

Working as a portfolio manager is a dream come true for many. Finance enthusiasts wanting to pursue a career with a wealth management firm will find it the best option. You can also work for a hedge fund, bank, insurance company, pension fund and other securities industry organisations. The role will require you to oversee the management of clients’ investment portfolios. If you want to work in portfolio management and obtain our Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management through Recognition of Prior Learning, here is everything you need to know.

Highly Paid

One of the best things about a career in portfolio management is that it is highly paid. Expect to earn thousands of dollars once you manage to land a role. As your job will involve creating an investment strategy for each client and managing their needs, you will get to draw an impressive strategy. You must also evaluate the strategy regularly to select the right mix of securities. If you have always dreamed of living the good life, it might be the perfect career. Although you must work long hours and deal with stress, you will be compensated for all your efforts. Besides, you should be able to negotiate your pay or work-life balance.

Work with a Team

Generally, portfolio managers have to work with a team of financial analysts who will provide reports to help with strategy formation. You would also need to communicate with other stakeholders, such as investment banks, to take advantage of the best investment products for each portfolio you manage. Our graduate diploma in portfolio management will give you the credibility to demonstrate to others that you can communicate with the team. If you’ve built these skills across your career, validating them with this qualification is essential so you don’t experience any issues. This is where our RPL program will come in handy.

Variety of Roles in Portfolio Management

A great thing about obtaining a portfolio management qualification through RPL is that you can apply for various roles. The advanced skills and knowledge obtained through your experience of being nationally recognised will help you pursue a career that suits you best. You must make high-level designs, implement multiple projects, and take on different functions. You can expect to work for all types of organizations. Therefore, you will get to enjoy freedom. However, you would have to take full accountability and responsibility for the output. But the pay will make up for it.

Apply for our Portfolio Management through RPL

3CIR is the leading education provider for recognised learning. Our portfolio management program is designed to help you join this lucrative and competitive industry. It will convert your skills into the qualifications you need to progress. To get started, you must fill out our RPL form. It only takes a short amount of time to fill.

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