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Military RPL

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Military RPL

3CIR is owned and run by veterans who have experienced the transition between service and civilian life first-hand. Our military and emergency services RPL helps people obtain gainful employment by having their experience and knowledge formalised through civilian qualifications.

What Is a Military RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) aims to validate all a person’s efforts during service. While many skills obtained during this time are specific to the military, plenty of learning outcomes match civilian qualifications. For example, leadership, decision-making, procurement, and logistics skills are valuable traits for any management professional.

A military RPL validates that experience and grants you qualifications for things you already know. Take our Free RPL Assessment to get started. We specialise in providing:

  • Army RPLs
  • Navy RPLs
  • Airforce RPLs
  • Police RPLs
  • Paramedic RPLs
  • Firefighter RPLs
  • Emergency Services RPL

All current and former members of the Military and Emergency services receive a 25% discount across all qualifications. Always, No Exceptions!

The Benefits of an RPL

With an RPL, you can open doors to better career prospects than those available. Most companies require candidates to have certifications in their respective fields; however, before receiving this type of military qualification, it might be difficult for some people because they don’t yet possess formal training or degrees relating to the required skills needed for jobs that are closely related but different from what was previously held-a example being dental technicians versus medical records administrators which would make sense if someone were applying with either one having served abroad.

Without an RPL, companies will be reluctant to hire you for relatively senior roles because nothing certifies that you have the relevant skills. Our Free RPL assessment helps you get the certification you need to boost your career.

After receiving an RPL, you may become eligible for a promotion, have better job opportunities, and can demand a higher salary.

Our RPLs

For armed services, we offer multiple RPLs that can help you further your career. Here are some of the military RPLs we offer:

Work, Health, and Safety RPL

With the increasing amount of technology at the workplace comes greater productivity and a steeper learning curve. A work, health, and safety RPL help recruiters see that you can handle and resolve potential hazards at the workplace.

Leadership and Management Program

People who have led teams and shown excellent managerial capability during service may benefit from our leadership and management program. This RPL opens doors to corporate growth.

Security and Risk Management

The security and risk management RPL paves the way for you to enter finance. This RPL allows you to use your knowledge to advance your career. Additionally, you can pursue a Diploma of Security and Risk Management to quench your thirst for learning.


Our Certificate IV in Government program is an excellent way to understand the ins and outs of the system.

Get a Military RPL

There are countless reasons to get a military RPL and use your existing skills to boost your career.

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