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Human Resources career

Human resources are the backbone of any company. The HR team handle everything relating to staff, including recruiting and hiring employees, conducting disciplinary actions, processing the payroll, record keeping and updating company policies.

All companies are only as good as those who work for them, so a career in human resources is vital for any company.

The HR department ensures that the best people are employed in the correct positions and that the company runs seamlessly. In many cases, the HR department is the bridge between workers and management. So, a role in HR requires good people skills and the ability to listen to problems and take action when needed.

What HR qualifications will I need?

The Certificate IV in Human Resource Management is great for starting your human resources career. This qualification opens up a wide range of positions in HR, including Human resources assistant, human resources coordinator, Human resources administrator or officer. You can work in various industries, including employment agencies, if qualified.

A great benefit of learning HR skills is that these are fully transferable across all industries, so a nationally recognised qualification in this field will open doors to many opportunities. Although all companies have unique working methods, you can quickly transfer your skills to other areas once qualified. For example, the HR requirements of a bank may look different to the HR requirements of a warehouse, but the principles remain the same.

The Certificate IV in Human Resource Management is the first step on the ladder of any HR career. Here, you will learn how to improve performance management processes, lead effective workplace relationships, and support staff recruitment and induction.

To advance your career, you can advance your skills by studying for a Diploma in Human Resource Management qualification. This enables you to understand and implement HR strategies across whole corporations.

Human resources is an interesting and challenging industry. Nowadays, with all companies mindful of diversity and the importance of streamlining business operations, the HR team has never been more critical.

Already have HR experience? Save time with RPL.

You may already have many skills needed to become an HR professional. So, if you already have experience working in human resources, you may be able to qualify for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning).

This program evaluates your previous experience, so you don’t need to waste time learning what you already know. Please fill out our free RPL assessment to find out what qualifications you’re already eligible for. You may already have enough to gain an HR qualification without extra study. Alternatively, you may be able to take a shortened course to fill in any gaps in your knowledge.

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