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Police RPL

Police RPL

When police officers transition from service, they face an extra challenge. The skills and knowledge used to be a part of the community you worked in as a cop remain constant, but there’s also this new acting ability called “Margin”. It can make things difficult when trying not only to maintain existing relationships with people while being transparent about what has changed–i.e. civilian life instead of military experience or vice versa–but creating new ones too! This creates a new world to operate in, nothing like the civilian environment you were in before joining the police service.

Policing is a unique and frequently rewarding profession that necessitates diverse abilities to carry out daily duties. Report writing, interviewing, ensuring public safety, mediation and negotiation, risk management, work health and safety, investigation, community service, training, crime prevention, and more are all part of policing.

The trainers and assessors of the 3CIR Police RPL service have in-depth knowledge of the process. They are dedicated to ensuring that the employment experience of current and former police officers from Australia and around the world is recognised through a fair and valid assessment process.

The Police RPL process

  1. The first step is to fill out a FREE RPL assessment. This registers your interest in a Police RPL and lets us map your skills to our qualifications.
  2. Next, you need to provide evidence of your experience. This can include your Police service record, performance appraisals (PARs), Performance Development Reviews (PDRs), Police course reports or even a statutory declaration about the experience you cannot provide.
  3. After obtaining this information, we can see where your skills fit with the learning outcomes of our list of qualifications. With adequate police experience, you should be eligible for a wide range of certifications with little to no extra study.
  4. We provide a list of qualifications you can receive immediately alongside those for which you might need to do some additional study (which we can provide).
  5. Pay the required fee for your selected qualifications, and you’re all set! You are now nationally qualified. If you elect to do additional study for a higher qualification, begin enrolling and start your learning journey.

Police RPL 25% Discount

3CIR was founded by two military veterans who understand the value of public service. As a result, all current and former emergency services personnel (Police, Fire, Ambulance) and current and former members of the Australian Defence Forces receive a 25% discount across our RPL range. Always. No Exceptions! This is our way of saying thanks for your hard work.

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