5 reasons to choose a Diploma of Business over an MBA

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Diploma of Business

Deciding to pursue a degree and return to school is a significant life achievement. You want to be confident that your chosen certification suits your needs.

An MBA (Masters of Business Administration), while impressive, is a significant investment of your time and finances and may not be suitable for those at the start of their careers. A Diploma of Business BSB5012 is a perfect entry-level qualification for those looking to upskill within their industry and start in higher management positions.

Is it better to get a diploma or an MBA?

A Diploma in Business will provide comprehensive foundational business knowledge and focus on practical skills immediately relevant to any position or role.

An MBA, however, draws on previous credentials, qualifications or work experience in senior management. Much of the learning is theory-based, focusing on advanced management topics that might only apply to a handful of senior organisational administrators.

Starting your career journey

Your Diploma will put you on the fast track to a career in business management and provide a broad range of skills you need to thrive in any administrative role.

Obtaining an MBA may make it more difficult to land the initial roles you want without relevant business experience, leaving you stuck between being overqualified and underexperienced.

Our qualification also allows you to combine your Business diploma with another valuable diploma, such as the Diploma in Leadership & Management (BSB50420).

Planning for the future

The pay rise with a diploma will help you save and prepare for a future MBA, should you require it. Your certificate will also open doors to positions providing you with the necessary job experience to complete your MBA more quickly, saving you money in the long run.

A Diploma has the best blend of core and elective tutorials.

An MBA is a more extended programme than a Diploma because it requires you to study subjects such as economics and accounting, which might not be interesting for some people. Overall, an evidence-based approach towards learning can help advance one’s business career goals and acquire valuable skills needed by top managers today – all this takes time investment and provides long-term payoff concerning how successful they will eventually become within their field! A good way to consider getting started immediately is by earning both academic credentials.

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