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Certificate III in Business

Are you looking for a position in an office, such as reception or administration? A course like Certificate III in Business might help you get there, but you’re still wondering what job opportunities are available once you’ve finished.

Recognition of Prior Learning is your previous expertise, knowledge, and training formally acknowledged as credits towards certification. RPL identifies what you already know to be true so that it matches up with a qualification that will grant additional recognition upon completion. If enough experience applies, then we’ll give credit where applicable!


It is a highly sought-after position. At the front desk, most firms have a receptionist or an office all-rounder. Since the Receptionist is the first point of contact for clients and customers, you are responsible for people’s first impression of your company when they visit. Receptionists are constantly on the go, answering phones, taking messages, welcoming guests, arranging meetings, and helping the rest of the staff with other activities.

To be effective in this role, you must have excellent verbal & written communication skills, a positive attitude and a friendly demeanour. It is ideal for people who enjoy interacting with others and representing their organisation.

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Office Assistant

This position necessitates a well-organised and driven person who can assist colleagues and departments in several ways. These responsibilities include arranging and coordinating meetings, organising and managing office operations, and communicating with clients as required. It could be the best choice if you enjoy assisting others and working as a team.

Payroll Officer

Feel the rush of knowing you played a part in making your co-workers happy. To keep payroll records in tip-top shape, you’ll be responsible for checking timesheets, computing salaries, calculating financial details, and documenting employee information. You’ll be able to use accounting software easily, and your oral & written comprehension abilities, attention to detail, and willingness to function independently can continue to impress the boss. Since everybody has to be paid, every company requires a Payroll Officer.

Roles can be found in various industries, including banking, retail, property, manufacturing, legal, corporate, government, health, hospitality, media, and leisure.

Clerical Worker

A clerical job can vary depending on the industry or type of business, but it usually involves providing general support to the office or department where they work. Tasks include:

• Keeping track of company documents
• Managing incoming and outgoing mail
• Filing papers
• Working at a sales counter or assistance services

If you love trying new things and being flexible in your work, this might be an exciting place for you.

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Data Entry Operator

This position focuses on the company’s more delicate details and data side, making it ideal for those with a determined eye for detail and a preference for working with numerical or text-based information. The organisation can use their data in various areas, including advertising, customer records, accounting, and payroll. Since accuracy is critical, people in this role must be very organised and take great care and pride in their work.

Personal Junior Assistant

Do you enjoy collaborating with others and completing projects?
A Personal Assistant is usually assigned to one or two leading senior executives, such as the Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director. This job is an excellent introduction to office work and offers excellent career advancement opportunities.

You will work with the senior manager you were assigned and complete tasks for them, such as managing their calendar and scheduling meetings, taking phone calls, running business errands, etc.

Start on The Journey to a New Career!

The 3CIR Certificate III in Business BSB30120 certification offers essential skills and expertise across various sectors, making it a perfect opportunity for those looking for work in the business world. Improve your customer service skills, learn about workplace safety procedures, and contribute effectively to your team’s performance.

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