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Defence RPL

Working within Defence offers experiences that civilians couldn’t even imagine. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) prides itself on providing rewarding and exciting careers for those who seek to serve the country. You are given excellent benefits, high-quality medical care, and even opportunities for travel and recreation.

Someday, however, you might want to start looking into work options in the civilian world. Many current and former service members use their defence experience in their civilian careers. But how can you transition into a professional civilian role without any qualifications? The best option is to pursue a Defence RPL.

A Defence RPL allows you to qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning. RPL programs enable you to explore careers outside of the military through the skills you’ve already acquired.

How do military courses help optimise your work options and career opportunities?

They help you transition to civilian life.

Even though many former military personnel have trouble adjusting to civilian life, this is especially true when it comes time for them to start looking at jobs. Most veterans are seen as over-qualified or underqualified, depending on their choice of career path. This leads these brave members into taking unnecessary courses that just held up their progress in finding employment.

Military RPL courses can take a massive weight off veterans’ shoulders, helping them transition back into regular life much faster.

They help transfer your skills into civilian qualifications.

Every job requires qualifications you may not have due to your years in Defence. But knowing what qualifications you are already eligible for through RPL can help you pick a better-suited profession or prove to your employer that you have nationally recognised skills.

3CIR is a Defence RPL specialist with years of experience facilitating the qualifications of those from the Navy, Army, and Air Force. If you’re already out and looking to enhance your resume or jump to civilian life, take our Free RPL assessment and find out what you’re already eligible for. We have a range of courses available to help you obtain the career you want after Defence.

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