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Certificate IV in Government

Getting into operational investigations for the public sector can be challenging, whether you have any or no experience in government security. While this barrier may seem daunting, one pathway into the industry is through undergoing formal study, specifically with a Certificate IV in Government Security.

This qualification can show employers you are qualified and proficient in government security-related functions. With this qualification, you can prove your competencies in a security role, and your employer can acknowledge your ability to meet public service’s legislative and ethical requirements.

There are two ways to earn an overseas qualification without studying. The first is having relevant experience, like working as a police officer or serving in the military; this will qualify you for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). You can also take courses online that allow greater flexibility with your studies and subject choice, which may be more suitable if you want something specific, such as business management skills, but still require some level of understanding of law enforcement practices, too!

With this qualification, you can gain skills and experience in:

  • Handling sensitive information
  • Gathering and analysing information
  • Maintaining Workplace safety
  • Conducting personnel security assessments
  • Learning principles and values of public service

Certificate IV in Government Security can prepare you to take on various roles in the police force, government investigations, or government security, join the border force, or qualify for corrective services. With this qualification, there are endless opportunities available! For more information about our courses, contact us today at 1300 517 039 or email info@3cir.com.

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