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Diploma of Business with RPL

Diploma of Business

The challenges are not over if you’re returning to civilian life after military service. Your next goal is to find a way for your career and personal development, and that’s where an RPL Diploma can come in handy! Think of it as yet another set of credentials helping push forward all those skills from before with ease, plus some additional finesse thrown into there, too, because why not? You’ll need this if you want access to educational opportunities like distance learning courses through our trusted institution, which offers outstanding value alongside our skilled instructors.

The Diploma of Business with RPL could help speed up your ability to get the qualification. The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that covers any former member of the Australian Army, Navy, Emergency Services, and Air Force. So, when considering a course to acquire a Diploma of Business, look into groups working with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). That way, they can show the National Regulatory Authority for Australian qualifications that you possess the necessary skills and knowledge for every qualification attained. Every qualification comes with Units of Competency (UOC) and specific requirements.

There are three courses to choose from in the Diploma of Business with RPL. You can go for the Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership to become qualified to lead the organisational workplace and be an enterprising leader, like a COO or a CEO. Next is the Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management, which aims to help you attain organisational senior-level management. You could become a Project Director, too, and prove that you can effectively manage, review, and assess project portfolios and their performance. Likewise, it teaches you to be accountable for multiple projects at the macro level.

The Graduate Diploma of Management is another course under the Diploma of Business with RPL. This time, it offers more comprehensive eligibility for those who want to become managers, project leaders, assistant executives, senior consultants, general managers, or directors. The course covers applying creative and innovative thought processes and practices and supporting innovations in the organisational culture. It can also help you become competent at implementing mentorship programs and leading research teams.

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