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RPL Qualifications

Life can teach you a lot, but sometimes, gaining recognition for all you have learned is hard. Those who have spent significant amounts of time or energy in essential services have likely learned a lot over the years because they’ve seen many situations up close. You may have had to develop coping strategies that most people never have to face, primarily if you worked in the Army, Navy or Air Force, Defence Force or Emergency Services. However, those wishing to change careers may find that your raw experience alone isn’t enough to make employers take you seriously. Fortunately, the solution is relatively simple: earn your RPL qualification and receive a diploma or a certificate based on your competencies.

RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning, and it helps many people throughout Australia transition into new careers after acquiring considerable skills and experience in other walks of life. Your former experiences may have provided you with skills and knowledge equivalent to what you would earn in a formal course of study, so it only makes sense that you should be able to earn the same qualification. Approaching an institution that can offer credit for these competencies may help you earn a diploma or a degree without starting from scratch. This can make it easier for you to enter the new field you want to work in.

How to Find an Institution that Offers RPL for your Diploma or Certificate

Consider your options carefully when looking for an institution or program that can provide you with RPL for a diploma or certificate. You’ll want to achieve your RPL as quickly as possible and in the most cost-effective way possible. In addition to finding a program that will offer you fair credit for your prior learning, you might want to seek one that will provide you with discounts based on certain public services you have rendered.

Make Use of the 3CIR Advantage.

The knowledge you have gained through your dedicated service should be recognised. For that reason, 3CIR provides nationally accredited qualifications in marketing and project management courses to Defence Force personnel and emergency services workers like nurses who often find themselves without formal training after they retire from active duty life!

The benefits don’t stop there, though; because we know how important it is for our veterans’ resumes when transitioning into civilian jobs (especially those with high-demand skills), all of these programs come to complete an eligibility letter free upon request plus provide online study materials so job seekers can get ahead quickly on their new career path before finding employment–no waiting weeks.

It’s easy to earn qualifications that can help you move into a new and rewarding career when you contact 3CIR and ask how we can provide you with the required RPL for a diploma or certificate. Call our office during regular business hours and speak with a professional who can tell you more about our work. We assist with Army RPL, Navy RPL and Air Force RPL. Complete a FREE RPL assessment form today.

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