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Construction with a White Card

Construction with a White Card

If you want to work in the construction industry in Australia, you must first obtain a QLD white card certification. The white card certification focuses on construction safety training, which is the first step construction employees must undergo to be eligible to operate on a job site.

What are the benefits of taking  White Card training?

Over the last few years, there has been a severe shortage of workers in construction. This is mainly due to the influx of work that has been needed. White Card training is your gateway into this industry. With the increasing demand for housing and construction, obtaining a white card will allow you to work on any construction site within Australia, as QLD white cards are eligible across every state. Adding to this, you will also develop an understanding of critical safety processes required for work to be conducted safely.

Safety is a key feature of the construction industry. Unlike office jobs and many service positions, construction workers regularly operate around dangerous hazards. Workplace injuries are likely to occur if the correct precautionary measures aren’t followed. Each year, around 550,000 workers are injured on the job. In 2020 alone, there were 194 fatalities. Many workplace injuries result from human error and are entirely preventable when followed by the correct policies and procedures.

How it works

To receive a White Card Certification, you must first complete a course. You’ll then be able to apply for your card upon successful completion. The course is called Prepare to work safely in the Construction Industry CPCCWHS1001, and it covers workplace health and safety requirements. Once you finish, your white card will be registered, and you’ll receive a physical copy in the mail within a few days. You can, however, start applying for jobs once your white card is registered.

What will I learn? Prepare to work safely in the construction Industry CPCCWHS1001 (white card)

Designed to improve your safety awareness and hazard identification, the course focuses on four main topics:

The course has no prerequisites and is designed to be an entry-level certification. However, you will need foundational literacy, numeracy, communication and problem-solving skills. You must regularly read signs, speak with coworkers and execute the relevant safety procedures. As a white card operates as a state-issued certification, you’ll also be required to provide 100 points of identification to be registered. If you’re unsure of what ID you need to bring, please find our handy chart here.

Safety is the responsibility of everybody on a job site, and accidents can happen. This is why everyone who works on a job site is required to complete a White Card course. The building and construction industry can provide many opportunities for career growth and skills development. Starting your journey with firm safety knowledge can ensure you and your coworkers avoid injuries.

Do you live in Brisbane and want to obtain a QLD White Card? See our list of available times here, or contact us for more information.

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