8 Great Jobs For Veterans In 2017 (And What They Pay)

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8 Great Jobs For Veterans In 2017 (And What They Pay)

Folks getting out of the military and back into civilian life have a lot of things to re-acclimate to. One of them — and it’s an important one — is the jobs market.

Last year it was reported that there are more than 21 million people living in the United States who have military experience.

A portion of them have ostensibly been able to parlay those special skills acquired in the armed forces successfully into civilian careers.

But what are those skills and what types of jobs do they figure into? The answers are both obvious and surprising.

According to a fun report on positions that lend themselves to the talents of vets, provided by CareerCast.com, we compiled a slideshow of just what those jobs are and how much they pay. Check it out below.

When we sifted through Careercast’s picks for vets, we zeroed in on the salary category and arranged the positions in order of pay.

With that focus, at the top of the list we find the position of Sales Manager. In that role, which pays a median $113,860 per year, a veteran would have to create a quick rapport with clients, identify their needs and satisfy them, says CareerCast.

Given the closeness and camaraderie experienced in the military — and the experience of problem solving in short order – it’s easy to see how a life in sales could fit a former soldier.

The job growth projection for the role is not great — 5% growth through 2024.

 Another great-paying profession that would suit a former soldier is that of nurse practitioner — essentially an advanced type of nurse.
The job pays nearly $105,000 a year, median, and the growth prospects are 31% by 20204. Providing quick healthcare under pressure is something just about every soldier is familiar with at least a basic level.
Making the transition to nursing in civilian life would likely be a frictionless move.
Also highlighted as a good — and lucrative — job for veterans is Software Developer. These days the military relies heavily upon state-of-the-art technologies and that means the average soldier is familiar with a lot of great new tech.
That know-how provides an into the technology realm and the role of a software developer is a fantastic position for a vet who knows how to code and is interesting in being part of a team focused on problem-solving and creating new digital products.
The annual salary for the profession is a median of $100,600 and the growth projects to about 17% within the next nine years.
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