BSB61315 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication

BSB61315 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication

BSB61315 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication

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Our BSB61315 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication qualification reflects the role of individuals who provide leadership and strategic direction in the marketing and communications activities of an organisation. Students learn how to drive the strategic direction of an organisation’s marketing and communications activities.

They create and learn how to implement a strategic plan; this strategic plan becomes the base for the remainder of studies and incorporates a marketing plan and advertising campaign. They analyse, design, and execute judgements using wide-ranging technical, creative, conceptual, and managerial competencies.  This qualification is only available through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).


The BSB61315 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication qualification can provide a number of career outcomes.

After receiving your qualification you could explore some of the following roles:

  • Advertising Account Planning Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Client Services Director,
  • Marketing Director
  • Advertising Account Director
  • Marketing Strategist

This qualification acknowledges your experience in: 

  • Developing an advertising campaign
  • Developing and implementing strategic plans
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Executing an advertising campaign
  • Evaluating campaign effectiveness
  • Creating and developing concepts

Packaging Rules

Total number of units = 12

3 core units  plus

9 elective  units, of which:

  • 8 elective units must be selected from the electives listed below
  • the remaining elective unit may be selected from the elective units listed below, or any currently endorsed Training Package or accredited course at Advanced Diploma or Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma level.

Elective units must be relevant to the work environment and the qualification, maintain the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome.

Core Units

BSBADV602 Develop an advertising campaign

BSBMGT616 Develop and implement strategic plans

BSBMKG609 Develop a marketing plan

Elective Units

BSBADV603 Manage advertising production

BSBADV604 Execute an advertising campaign

BSBADV605 Evaluate campaign effectiveness

BSBCOM603 Plan and establish compliance management systems

BSBCRT501 Originate and develop concepts

BSBDES601 Manage design realisation

BSBDES602 Research global design trends

BSBDIV601 Develop and implement diversity policy

BSBFIM601 Manage finances

BSBINM601 Manage knowledge and information

BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change

BSBIPR601 Develop and implement strategies for intellectual property management

BSBMGT605 Provide leadership across the organisation

BSBMGT608 Manage innovation and continuous improvement

BSBMGT615 Contribute to organisation development

BSBMGT617 Develop and implement a business plan

BSBMKG523 Design and develop an integrated marketing communication plan

BSBMKG603 Manage the marketing process

BSBMKG605 Evaluate international marketing opportunities

BSBMKG606 Manage international marketing programs

BSBMKG607 Manage market research

BSBMKG608 Develop organisational marketing objectives

BSBMKG611 Manage measurement of marketing effectiveness

BSBRSK501 Manage risk

BSBSUS501 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

BSBWHS605 Develop, implement and maintain WHS management systems

PSPGEN067 Establish and maintain strategic networks

PSPPCM023 Manage strategic contracts

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