Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication for People Who Love to Communicate

Marketing is an essential aspect of all businesses. Realising the significance of marketing as a vital management tool, 3cir.com has designed its marketing-centric program. The course aims at enabling marketing students and professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge in this particular domain. ...

There are three 3cir.com online marketing courses. Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication is clearly meant for enabling people interested in taking up marketing and communication as a career. The course content of Certificate 1V in Marketing and Communication has also been designed to accommodate professionals who are already engaged in the domain. From marketing officers to coordinators, researchers and public relations officers, the program is a means to enhance knowledge and experience in relative field.

The scope of modern-day marketing programs needs to encompass digital and conventional methods of marketing and advertising. The Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication throws light on contemporary and the conventional marketing tools and understand the effectiveness of choosing the right marketing mix.

Besides the Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication, the other two relevant programs by 3cir.com are the Advanced Diploma of marketing and communication and the Diploma of Marketing and Communication. The former is focused on the higher management in the marketing department – directors, communication manager, marketing strategists and global marketing heads. The course covers the ins and outs of developing effective advertising campaigns, devising strategies, planning and implementation, setting up an optimal marketing plan and be accountable for the overall performance of the department. The other one covers the basics and fundamentals of new-age marketing and communication. In order to be part of this course, students’ needs to have some years of hands-on practical experience in the particular field. For people who love the idea of using their creativity to make lasting impressions and help their organisations to reach out to a desired market, this is the course that they should enrol for.

Is marketing and communication your field of choice? If so, call us today to know more about 3cir.com’s Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication and other similar programs and we will be happy to provide you with detailed information.
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