Diploma of Business RPL helping build and empower managers of today and tomorrow

The Diploma of Business RPL from 3cir.com is industry best and meant for employed professionals who are already working as Business Administrators and managers. The objective of the program is meant to add value and finesse to your existing skillset. However, since the 3cir.com’s Diploma of Business RPL is not for ... anyone and everyone and there are certain specific criteria for being eligible for the course, candidates applying are first assessed free-of-cost before being offered a seat. The assessment for the course can be done on the phone or using any digital method by one of the experienced staff members of the institute.

3cir.com’s Diploma of Business RPL comes in three courses. The first is the Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership, the second is the Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management and the third one is the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning). The Graduate Diploma for Strategic Leadership is meant for people who want to lead and become leaders in their organisational workspace. These are people who have the spirit to take up challenges and risks, are innovative and have the zeal to undertake due diligence leading to effective decision making. Completely crafted and designed around the need for enterprising leaders of industries, this course is ideal for working professionals who aspire to be the CEO’s and COO’s in the corporate world in the future.

3cir.com’s Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management is also aimed at enabling student to reach the senior-level management of organisations. People who aim to work as Project Directors and Portfolio Managers, and who have the necessary work experience and qualifications in the same field are eligible for the course. The program teaches students to effectively manage project portfolios, review and assess the performance, and take accountability of multiple projects at the macro level.

Under 3cir.com’s Diploma of Business RPL, the third course is the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning). This course has much wider eligibility where students aiming to be involved as managers and assistant executives, project leaders, directors, general managers and senior consultants can enrol themselves for skill acquisition. The areas that this course touches upon include application of innovative and creative thought processes and practices, supporting innovations within the organisational culture, leading team of researchers and helping implement mentorship programs.

These three advanced programs of Diploma of Business RPL of 3cir.com require students to have prior knowledge and experience in the field of management. For understanding the essence and the true worth of the various programs under Diploma of Business RPL, call us and we would be happy to share more information with you on the same!
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