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A resume is your living document, one that can speak for you. Just like you keep changing in life, so does your resume needs to. Improving your resume credentials is extremely important for better chances and positions. You might think this will take forever, but the secret is that it is easier than anticipated.

Let us discuss some tips for improving your resume so that getting your dream position at work sounds achievable.

Smart use of resume keywords

This is one of the most overlooked facts, but it is significant. Most recruiters use the ATS applicant tracking system, so your resume would go into the literal black hole if it doesn’t contain the right keywords. Getting an interview call would depend totally on getting your resume noticeable. The key is to use the ATS-friendly format and words. Getting maximum callbacks could have never been easier than this.

Use of action words

Your resume’s attention-seeking ability will make or break you when applying for a dream position. The more dynamic sentences we can form, the better! Use action verbs to show off how proactive and willing YOU are in this job hunt – many recruiters are looking out for those types around here anyway 😉

Clear and strong objective

As the saying goes, “ first impression is the best impression”. The objective summary is the first thing that a hiring manager gets a good look at. It would be best to make it as compelling and elaborate as possible. Telling your story matters as emotions travel across and create better opportunities. Be sure to work out appropriately for the resume to be noticed and succeed. Make sure to add the summary or objective at the top space of the resume.

Tailor your resume

The last thing you want to do is send your resume for multiple job opportunities without tailoring them according to the hiring needs. This is such a mistake. If you are looking to get your dream job, the company’s hiring needs must be met. If some certifications or courses could seal the job for you or improve your position in the company, it is recommended that you take them. Always improve your knowledge base and qualifications with diploma and certificate courses that could catch the hiring manager’s attention and finally get your dream position.


This might seem obvious, but recruiters find mistakes on resumes frequently. Before turning in the resume, it will be best to use spelling checkers or Grammarly for the right aid. The last thing you want is a spelling mistake or grammar anomaly.

Qualifications through RPL

Recruiters often look for certifications that legitimise the skills you have listed on your resume. While many jobs can help you develop new talents, they do not always come with a qualification to match. One way to supercharge your on-paper performance is to undertake a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment and see if there are qualifications you are already eligible for through your experience alone. This saves time and money as RPL is much cheaper than traditional study. There are many qualifications, from certificate II to graduate diplomas, that can be awarded through RPL. See our courses and undertake our FREE RPL assessment today.

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