First Aid Training Courses

Basic to Advanced First Aid Classes

View our range of CPR and First Aid courses available from our Brisbane training facility in Bulimba.

Lockdown Refund Guarantee

In the event of a lockdown, 3CIR will refund your amount (minus the booking fee) or reschedule your training to a future session free of charge.

Provide CPR

Learn to administer CPR and be prepared in the event of an emergency. * Previously HLTAID001

Cost: $68

Provide First Aid (HLTAID011)

Develop basic first aid training and help assist in the event of an emergency.  *Previously HLTAID003

Cost: $115

Advanced First Aid (HLTAID014)

Enhance your first aid knowledge and develop your first responder skills through our 2-day comprehensive course. *Previously HLTAID006

Cost: $220

Our Brisbane Training Venue

Our training facility is situated within Bulimba. Centrally located, the premise is located close to cafe’s, grocery stores and shops. Free parking and street parking is also available.


Training and assessment is delivered in partnership with Asset College (RTO #31718)

Our First Aid Courses

Providing First Aid Certifications for individuals or groups and covering basic to advanced training. Be prepared in the event of an emergency in your home or place of employment with our range of First Aid Qualifications:

Renew your current first aid or CPR qualification or undertake a more advanced course to improve your basic emergency response skills. Each course has multiple time slots with outside business hours options to provide flexibility in your learning


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Our First Aid Training Reviews

Why complete First Aid & Advanced First Aid Training?

There are a few essential skills that can help a person become more equipped and prepared to deal with emergencies. First aid training is one such skill. No matter your profession, age, or location, first aid training is valuable for all. In some cases, it can even become the difference between a life and death situation. To put it simply, getting trained in first aid procedures only bears benefits, and its importance can't be overstated.

If you're still unsure whether you should sign up for it or not, then keep reading below. In this article, we will break down how first aid training can be beneficial for you. Let's dive right in!

1. Stop Situations from Getting Worse

One of the most significant benefits of being trained in providing first aid is that you're equipped to handle emergency medical situations. If a person is showing symptoms, first aid can help prevent the worsening of the situation. A properly trained person will be able to stabilise the patient's condition until medical help becomes accessible.

Your first aid training can become the difference between life and death for a patient in an emergency situation. It is a key link in the process of medical support and the survival of a patient. The first aid training doesn't take long to complete and promises to become a valuable asset for you and the people around you.

2. Save a Life

The presence of trained first aid personnel can be crucial and life-saving in many situations. The biggest reason why first aid training needs to be encouraged is that it can literally save lives. Sudden cardiac attacks are a norm, and first aid procedures like CPR can help preserve the affected person's brain function to keep their blood flowing and keep them breathing until more comprehensive medical help is made accessible.

In emergency situations like these, ensuring the survival of the individual until they reach a hospital or can be taken under medical professionals' care is critical. That is what first aid training makes sure of and also the reason why you should sign up for it.

3. Become a Valuable Asset for your Community

When you get trained in proper first aid skills, you become a valuable asset to your community. The people around you can rely on you in situations that require diligence and emergency aid. With first aid and CPR training, you can take care of the wellbeing of the loved ones around you. You'll be in a position to offer valuable assistance and aid when people need it most.

Final Thoughts

First aid training is essential for everyone because it equips you with the necessary skills to save a life and offer emergency aid. Acquiring first aid training certification will allow you to offer help in the most critical of situations. So, prepare to save lives by getting trained today!

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