Emergency Services RPL (Police, Fire & Paramedic)

Careers within the Emergency services are unlike any other. Whether you’re a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, or Paramedic, your occupation can involve many high-intensity, stressful situations where decisions can often result in life or death. Unlike a desk job, roles in the Emergency services are dynamic and ever-changing and rely heavily on collaboration with each other and the community. Your specialist experience, while extremely valuable, may not be well understood outside the Emergency Services sector. Employers may find understanding where your experience fits in their organisation challenging.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) translates your specialist knowledge and skills into nationally recognised qualifications. We are Emergency Services RPL specialists and can help you gain a certification that is understood and acknowledged by employers. No study is required; you’ve already done the work.

A Police RPL, Firefighter RPL or Paramedic RPL can help you:

  • Transition to a career outside of the Emergency Services
  • Gain a promotion or specialist role within the Emergency Services
  • Improve your overall resume and presentation ‘on paper’
  • Provide evidence of your experience to others
  • Potentially reduce study time for future education

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    Serving Those Who Serve, we understand that roles in the Emergency Services can be difficult and demanding, and that’s why all current and former Police, Fire and Paramedic personnel receive a 25% Discount across our qualifications. Always. No exceptions.


    How it Works

    RPL is made possible through the Australian Qualifications Framework, which recognises that experience is just as valuable as formal training. We assess your skills & experience, matching them to the learning outcomes of our courses. Select which qualifications you want based on your eligibility and pay the required fee. You are now nationally qualified!

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    We’ve helped hundreds of current and former emergency services personnel transfer their skills into nationally recognised qualifications. Whether you’re Police Officer, Firefighter or Paramedic, we can help have your experience formally acknowledged.


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    Frequently asked questions Military RPL

    Why is emergency services RPL important?

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) converts the valuable experience you gain from the Police, Fire and Paramedic, and government organisations into nationally recognised qualifications that you can take into your new career.

    Can emergency services RPL help me?

    Absolutely. Here are a few areas that emergency services RPL can help:

    – Transition out of the force

    – Enhance and build upon your resume

    – Secure meaningful employment post service

    – Assist with promotion opportunities within your current workplace

    – Have years of community service and experience formally recognised and acknowledged

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    How do I apply for emergency services RPL?

    We’ve helped hundreds of current serving and Ex- Emergency Services Personnel have their skills and experience acknowledged through nationally recognised qualifications. No matter your rank or position within government, we can help get you qualified. Fill out and complete our FREE RPL assessment form to get started.

    What items do I need for an emergency services RPL assessment?

    Some examples of documents that are great help are:

    – Police service record or personal profile

    – Reference letters

    – Course reports from any completed courses

    – Certificates of training from any role

    – Position descriptions or duty statements from current and past roles

    – Performance appraisals, current and previous reference letters, testimonials, client feedback

    – Any formal qualifications you may have currently can be accredited or non-accredited- Resume