Asset College’s – CPP30607 Certificate III in Investigative Services


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Whether you have a thirst for uncovering the truth or just want a fulfilling change of careers, Investigative Services could be for you.

This qualification is designed to develop individuals skills in interviewing, surveillance and court procedures that will put you on the right path to an exciting investigative career.


A Certificate III in Investigative Services (CPP30607) will be awarded on successful completion of this course.

This will allow for the application to the Office of Fair Trading Queensland for a Class 1 Security Providers Licence with the single licence function “Private Investigator”. This course also allows for the addition of the “Private Investigator” licence function to an existing Class 1 Security Providers Licence.

This will be a requirement for the following job roles:

Private Investigator
Insurance Fraud Investigator


You will gain knowledge and experience in areas such as:

Contribute to effective workplace relationships

Organise personal work priorities and development

Maintain workplace safety in the security industry

Develop investigative plan


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Asset College Training and assessment is delivered in partnership with Asset College (RTO #31718)

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Core and elective units

Packaging rules

To achieve this qualification, the candidate must demonstrate competency in:

15 units of competency:
12 core units
3 elective units.
The elective units are chosen as follows:

3 units from the elective units listed below
2 of the units may be chosen from Certificate II, III or IV qualifications in CPP07 or another Training Package, provided the integrity of the AQF alignment is ensured; they contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome; and no more than 1 unit is from Certificate II.

Core units

BSBFLM303C Contribute to effective workplace relationships

BSBWOR301A Organise personal work priorities and development

CPPSEC3001A Maintain workplace safety in the security industry

CPPSEC3009A Prepare and present evidence in court

CPPSEC3026A Work effectively in the investigative services industry

CPPSEC3027A Develop investigative plan

CPPSEC3028A Compile investigative report

CPPSEC3029A Provide quality investigative services to clients

CPPSEC3030A Conduct surveillance

CPPSEC3031A Organise and operate a surveillance vehicle

CPPSEC3032A Gather information by factual investigation

CPPSEC3033A Conduct interviews and take statements

Elective units

BSBSMB301 Investigate micro business opportunities

CPPSEC3012A Store and protect information

CPPSEC3034A Operate information gathering equipment

FNSMCA304 Locate subjects

PSPPCY004 Support policy implementation

PSPREG003 Exercise regulatory powers


(Packaging rules originate at the Australian Government Department of Education and Training website.

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