Public Course Category Page – Diploma

Public Course Category Page – Diploma

Are you looking to solidify your knowledge, improve your technical skills, and hone your problem-solving and decision-making abilities? A diploma in your specialist area can serve as a gateway to higher education and help you achieve these goals. If you’ve already completed a certificate course and want to expand your knowledge in a particular field, a diploma course is the next logical step in your career progression. The best part? If you have industry experience, you may already be eligible to receive a Diploma qualification without any additional study through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn a Diploma qualification and take your career to the next level. Enroll in a diploma course today and find out how the RPL process can help you obtain a Diploma qualification quickly and easily!

If you have experience in your industry, you could already be eligible to receive a Diploma qualification without study, find out more about the RPL process.

Best Diploma RPL Courses Online For you

Obtain an in-depth understanding of your chosen field and boost your confidence to complete tasks relevant to your industry. With this qualification you’ll be able to undertake advanced skilled work, preparing you to become a paraprofessional (someone who can complete a professional task, but who isn’t fully licensed). All our diploma qualifications can be completed online and in your own time. Access and complete your course when you are free and broaden your knowledge. An RPL evaluation should be at the top of your list whether you’re trying to branch out in your profession or polish the abilities you’ve acquired in the workplace. Take a look at the top five advantages to see if the RPL path will be beneficial to your career:

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for A Diploma Level qualification?

A Diploma RPL is the assessment of an individual’s relevant prior learning (including formal and non-formal learning) to determine the what Diploma level qualification you’re already available for without any extra study.

RPL, like the description above, can be a perplexing concept, and many people are unaware of how an RPL assessment might help you fast-track your route to a formal qualification without having to take a course. To put it another way, A Diploma RPL is all about recognising the skills and information you’ve gained through your work and life experiences and then applying them to current industry needs to earn a credential.

A Diploma RPL allows you to save both time and money.

A good example is an employee who, rather than studying the unit of competency, has been working as a coffee shop barista for three years. Prepare and serve espresso coffee; this unit may be assessed for RPL and they might for example (depending on their level of experience) qualify for a Diploma in Business.

What is the difference between achieving a Diploma qualification via RPL and formal studies?

Formal study is for people who are new to the profession and wish to learn the ropes from the ground up with a Diploma Qual, whereas a Diploma RPL is for those who have spent time building experience. According to the Australian Qualifications Framework, a Diploma in Business obtained through formal studies normally takes 1 – 3 years. Depending on your depth of experience and the evidence gathering process, the same qualification via RPL could be accomplished in just a few days or weeks. You won’t need to repeat training.

Diploma RPL’s capacity to reduce study time and expenditures is one of its most appealing features. It eliminates the need to take courses and train in areas in which you are already proficient. Creating a portfolio to exhibit your abilities and expertise is essential as part of the RPL process. 3CIR will next evaluate your experience by comparing it to the course units in the qualification you’re seeking.

Increase your career prospects

Your work opportunities will undoubtedly rise once you’ve earned your Diploma. While certification will not guarantee you a job, it will broaden your options and allow you to confidently apply for a wider range of positions. Diploma RPLs simplify the process of getting your skills accredited, allowing you to spend less time learning and more time networking and looking for jobs.

Earn more money

There are various elements that influence your work decision, but money is undoubtedly one of them. If you want to change careers or find a better paying job, a Diploma RPL may be able to assist you get the qualifications you need. While experience and abilities are vital in obtaining high-paying employment, formal qualifications increase your value to employers.

Improves your CV

A solid and up-to-date résumé is essential for career advancement. Regular upskilling and formal qualifications are essential for being “hireable.” This is made possible through the Diploma RPL procedure, which certifies your abilities and experience as you continue to develop them in your current position. By obtaining qualifications that support your professional experience, you may create an impressive CV.

To gain entry into a higher level qualification

Some students may be eligible for further education or a vocational learning path based on their workplace skills and knowledge. However, if a student has retail experience and has used the skills and knowledge stated in the core units of competency or completed a Cert IV. If enough of those competencies match the requirements of any of our Diploma level qualifications, they can will receive that Diploma through RPL.

Shorter course completion times through a Diploma RPL than a Diploma Online Participants do not waste time repeating the same learning by recognising results already attained through work experience. Instead, they can accelerate their education by utilising their existing talents and understanding of the sector. Returning to the previous section’s example, according to the Australian Qualifications Framework, a Diploma in Business obtained through online studies normally takes around 1-3 years to complete. Because RPL does not require participants to redo the learning process, the same qualification could be earned in a matter of days or weeks and for much cheaper!

You can still work whilst earning your qualification

You probably can’t afford to take time off work to study if you’re acquiring a certificate in the hopes of getting a raise. Don’t worry, you’re not alone; in fact, the majority of Australians are in the same boat. Thankfully, RPL allows you to complete your education while continuing to work.

What is the process to obtain a Diploma Online?

If you don’t already have previous experience and still want to obtain a Diploma, consider our Online study option. There aren’t any prerequisites for our Diploma courses and you can start whenever you’re ready. Part of the enrolment process may include a literacy and numeracy quiz to establish your ability to undertake the study. We want to make sure you’re able to complete our courses as easily as possible! If you have already studied before, just let us know, this will be evidence of your capacity to study and therefore you will not be required to complete the quiz.

After you have enrolled, a Diploma through online study is a breeze. Study at your own pace in the way that you want without worrying about hard deadlines. Work, learn and find a balance that suits your lifestyle. Also, we know not everyone can afford the financial cost of undertaking a Diploma qualification online. That’s why we have a number of payment plans to break down the upfront cost into more manageable pieces. It’s a much easier way to get ahead without breaking the bank.

Steps in A Diploma RPL process

Select a course and fill out our Free RPL Assessment form:

Look through our list of qualifications and get an idea about what certification you’d like to obtain. Is it for a promotion or are you looking to switch careers? Once you’ve chosen a few courses you’re interested in, head to our Free RPL Assessment form and fill out your details. Within 48 hours, a staff member will email you to move on to the next stage. If possible, upload your most current CV to get a head start!

Evidence gathering process:

We work with you to collect as much proof as possible during this step, including videos of tasks completed, images, reference letters, work samples, a current résumé, certificates, transcripts, abroad qualifications, and any other learning experiences. This is your moment to show off your skills. We constantly remind our participants of the old adage, “The more the merrier!” The following steps are frequently included in the evidence collection process:

Skills Mapping

Once we know your experience a Diploma RPL assessor will map your skills and competencies to the learning outcomes of all of our Diploma qualifications. If enough match, you’ll be eligible to obtain the certification through RPL. If you fall short, no worries! You can easily enrol in some courses and study them online. It will take far less time than starting a Diploma online from scratch!

Pay your fee and get your Diploma!

We show you all the qualifications that you are able to obtain through RPL. Just pay the required fee and we issue your Nationally Recognised Qualification. So what are you waiting for, get started today!

Diploma Courses

Frequently Asked Diploma Courses Questions

Education is the passport to success! A Diploma level qualification will provide greater opportunities for career advancement. Obtaining one could open new doors to professions that would otherwise be difficult to enter without previous experience. Diploma level certifications are a great way to learn key skills within your chosen field and build the foundation of your new career.

You’ll develop foundational skills and knowledge in your chosen field and explore how the industry works as a whole. You’ll also acquire practical knowledge that you can use to gain an entry-level. position to advance your career

If you already have previous work or voluntary experience, you can take our Free Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment to see if you’re already able to obtain your qualification without any additional study. Fill out our form and get started.

– Work Health and Safety Manager
– Work Health and Safety Practitioner
– Senior Work Health and Safety Officer
– Project Leader
– Project Management Facilitator
– Project or Program Administrator
– Office Manager
– Legal Practice Manager
– Information Services Manager
– Operations Manager
– Business Development Manager
– Corporate Services Manager
– Public Sector Manager
– Transport Manager
– Executive officer
– Program coordinator
– Corporate services manager
– Business development manager
– Project Coordinator
– Business sales team leader
– Human Resources Advisor
– Human Resources and Change Manager
– Human Resources Consultant
– Human Resources Manager
– Senior Human Resources Officer
– Marketing Manager
– Marketing Team Leader
– Product Manager
– Public Relations Manager
– Sales Manager
– Quality Assurance Manager
– Quality Facilitator
– Quality and Improvement Consultant
– Service Quality System Support Analyst
– Internal Auditor
– Protective Services Manager
– Supervisor/Manager
– Government Security Manager
– Security and Risk/WHS Manager
– Police Officer/Emergency Services
– Security Operations Manager
– Security Trainer
– Security and Risk Adviser
– Security Consultant
– Compliance Manager
– Fraud Prevention Supervisor
– Investigation Team Leader
– Investigation Manager
– Fraud Investigation Manager

There are many benefits of getting a diploma. A diploma-level qualification can help you get a job, advance in your career, and more.

A diploma can help you get a job by proving that you have the skills and knowledge required for the position. It can also help you advance in your career by showing that you are willing to continue learning and growing. Additionally, a diploma can give you an edge over other candidates when competing for jobs or promotions.

Overall, a diploma can provide many benefits both professionally and personally. It is worth considering if furthering your education is right for you.

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